Psalms 90:12 is an Answered Prayer

To all humanity, regarding Psalms 9012 it does take faith to believe. But this will not be difficult to understand. The premise that God’s Wisdom is the Mandate today.

To demonstrate we used the simplest route to convey our point.
A website, to help introduce how to use all, all, this content for the remaining of our lives to be about His wisdom, to walk in harmony with Him.

Starting at the “Your Future” to every Defined Formula Cycle Year(s)™.
Some will say we cherry-picked these examples after example to try to make our point.

We could have replaced these iconic figures with ten thousand other figures and their formula cycle years™ would have matched the FCY they experienced.

Only your yearly Formula Cycle Year(s) ™ will convince you that God wants our full attention, to walk in wisdom, to walk in harmony with Him.

Within this web platform we will show in the yearly experiences of your life, or iconic figures why Formula Cycle Year(s)™ is the final and second factor to help us number our days applying our hearts unto wisdom”.

The Requested Prayer of a B.C. Psalmist. Has been Answered. He said “So, teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”

You must also read the content and text from the Holy Bible, the first and second chapter of the Genesis creation writings.

Examine every day all seven days are filled with a Law, a Command, immutable facts that govern the Galaxy, Nature, every form of Metazoan, Homo sapiens. No Exceptions.

Taught to Convert into years I call them Formula Cycle Year(s) ™.
Here is what we all must do.

Start talking, in a conversation with God audible or silent about your individual Formula Cycle Year ™ every day. Do it, Do it. Please just Do It! This is not about religion but a real opportunity to walk in wisdom, to walk in harmony you owe it to “Your Future”. Research other factors established in our web platform. You will be Amazed!


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