Conception Search

This tool offers members so many search options. Find your personal parents conception age and formula cycle ages at the time of your conception. Conception Formula Cycle Age is different from birthdays’ Why? Because the sperm is one component and the egg is the second component. While the newborn represents the New Beginnings for the child. Thus far our analysis show that these conceptions ages of the parents represent the most successful years of the offspring (child).

Also, our analysis shows if the mother is in her FCY 7 and the father is an FCY (1) (5) OR(7) THE CHILD BORN OF THAT UNION IS THE BRIGHTEST OF THE SIBLINGS.

We look forward to having more search analysis to prove this fact. What these factors will tell us is that God is entitled to the first born as he requested in old testament writings.

We believe every conception is God ordained and he has a purpose for its existence. The fastest and most direct route for a conceived child not carried to term to enter into Heaven is a premature death.

The birth of a child is our Joy and Glory!!!

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