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Strictly,Optional! GET MY Autographed “My Numbered Days™ ” BOOK (PAPERBACK)/ Limited Time.Do not hesitate upon receipt of your personal paperback as you notice the glowing-like symbol that I witnessed in my prison cube.
You can prove the truth of my testimony by placing this book’s symbolic glowing hands on your heart an whisper a simple prayer daily. I believe you will witness God’s grace upon your life. Whether for healing or success in other areas of your circumstances. I believe God will prove his presence of the day of his visit to me and through your simple act of Faith!



  • Our (1) first tool is the Formula Cycle Personal ™Search. Search unlimited analysis on relatives and friends. See our referral rewards plan from this tool only!
  • Our (2) Formula Cycle History™ Search™ allows members to search various/multiple events of all categories in our search tools. Simply click on Find – DOB / Events with this tool to discover past events of sports,politicians, famous & movie stars.
  • Our (3) third tool is your Formula Cycle Personal Calendar™ this calendar starts with your birthday even if you are not in the month of your personal birthday. Some of the things we’ve planned for this special event. We help you promote your birthday celebration via our pre-drafted statements that you simply click and send to contacts.
  • Our (4) fourth tool lets you do the Comparison / Competition analysis between your favorite athletic sports person(s) even an entire team.
  • Our (5) fifth tool lets you do the Comparison / Competition between your favorite politicians.
  • Our (6) sixth tool lets you do the Comparison / Competition between favorite movie stars.
  • Our (7) seventh tool FCY Conception helps you to find FCY analysis of parents at the time of your Conception. May Prove to be the child’s most successful years?.
  • Our (8) eighth tool lets you do the Comparison / Competition analysis between Historical figures.
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