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Member Dashboard

Dear valued member(s) to always get to your Dashboard simply click on the My Account link at the right upper corner where the “My Account” link is visible. This will always take you to the first and primary landing page for all members of the website. Members will see his / her membership plan and a select box / dropdown that allows members to use the Formula Cycle tools he/she purchased during registration. Allowing you access to all search tools according to his / her membership plan.Simply,return to the member dashboard to access another Formula Cycle tool of choice.

My Wallet

Providing a wallet for personal use in our website platform is for the purchase of additional products,features and Formula Cycle tools, upcoming tools that is currently in some cases under construction as you use our unique search tools today. The wallet allows a member to avoid providing a credit card for additional in store purchases of more tools or services

Want to send or receive point credits or cash to/from a current member just send the cash/ points via your Wallet without any assistance from our staff or personnel.

This website also has a Referral code system that allows existing members to earn points by encouraging new potential members to use his/her referral code provided to them prior to registration on our website..

Existing members can request a Referral code from the “Request For Referral” link page to website administrators / staff. Their request is processed within a couple days & they get their public Referral code in their email address to share it with the potential new member(s).

There are several slots prompting the potential member(s) to add your Referral code when the registration form is being completed.

The Referral code provided to any potential member and added to his/her registration form will automatically add a 20 point credit in the wallet of the member whose referral code is matched with the registrant’s new account..

The referral member would receive a notice that a new member has used his/her referral code and 20 or the required points have been successfully added to his/her Wallet..For additional clarity please use our Contact form to contact us..

My Account

Again, located at the top as a main link, the My Account link is a shortcut to all features in your Dashboard area. Members can see their account overview from this page.They will see their basic information. Options to update their profile on the website.They see their current membership plan along with an option to cancel or upgrade it. Members also see the history of their past invoice(s). We are always seeking to simplify this step by step process for our members to make your ability to perform all tasks, navigating our site with ease.

Membership Invoice

This page allows members to see the past invoices in detail. Member can click on the invoice number and see full summary.

Membership Cancel

This page allows current website users to cancel their membership with the website.


This page displays the member’s current membership plan, its price and an option to update billing information via paypal.

Edit Profile

This page allows members to update their basic profile information on the website.

Request For Referral

Members can use this page to send administrator / staff of the website for providing them their “Referral Code”, so that members can share it with the new joinees and earn points.

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