All our hands must be raised together. We believe there is no greater expression that can be demonstrated in triumph for an answered prayer. This successful outcome has been in the making for centuries unknown to each generation until now.

We surrender to joy and enthusiastically embrace the freedom that comes with this request. We can say without equivocation. We affirm emphatically, that Psalms 90:12 is an Answered Prayer.  An inspiration for billions in generations now and to come. As you Join In  You will discover how this Answered Request impacts your personal life Today! This is the most educational, entertaining and high jinks concept you have ever experienced.

We raise our arms together to affirm energetically that Psalms 90:12 is an Answered Prayer for insights into events to come.

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In the book My Numbered Days. You, too, can use the Formula Cycle Year’s Revelation of Psalm 90:12 to number your days. But first, take a look at how we apply this formula to calculate the perfect timing of some of the most significant events the world has ever known. Here in our web platform you can find the most important events in the lives of celebrities, world leaders, sports stars, etc., and why it happened then. You will learn how God micromanage our lives. Truly, his angels are encamped around those that fear Him.

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While standing in the presence of a king you would think he is evil, if he ordered a sword to cut a newborn baby in half. Solomon did, as the newly anointed king of a great nation and people. Beforehand, King Solomon had asked God for wisdom to go in and out among the people. Not riches or fame but WISDOM. Wisdom is learning how to take the knowledge given and apply it to our lives in a workable manner, so that it benefits us, and benefits the lives of others.

Solomon wisdom exposed light and darkness in this instant. The darkness from the woman who lied the child was hers and the light from the woman’s love for her beloved child that she would rather give it up to live if it meant she would lose it to the king’s orders. Wisdom was on display by Solomon but also by the real Mother.

How would you know when you’re most likely to hit major success in life? Formula Cycle Years is not a horoscope or astronomy reading. Rather, it’s the internal use of God’s infinite wisdom within us to direct the affairs of mankind. You can leverage the wisdom of this revelation to prepare yourself for different seasons of your life, and how to cope with trials and adversity.

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When God answers our prayers, it doesn’t matter if we see a glowing sign or strange signals.

Our knowledge is limited to understanding His power. His scriptures teach us that His gifts and calling are without repentance. That makes everyone a candidate for his Love and Mercy. That reminds us that one psalmist declared that his Mercy Endures Forever, for over 10 times pleading to us not to forget that salient Point.

In the end, all glory returns to God for giving such a dimension of wisdom unto his creation. You can join a host of others to glorify God and thank him for this revelation. More so, you can celebrate the foresight it will give you, even as you watch in amazement as things begin to take perfect shape in your Formula Cycle Years…..

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My model is based on the (7) seven days creation story. Each activity that God did in each of the seven days had symbolic implication on the years in the life of Mankind. The seven days We term them as “Formula Cycle Years” because they are designed with numbers and Cycles We also note these (7) Seven Formula Cycle Years are unique repeating itself over after every (7) year period from birth or conception to the last breath taken. To learn more about the cycle years, check our resource on the subject.

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Example - Formula Cycle Year

We do not make predictions. This Formula Cycle Year for Mr Trump is good against an opponent those in any of the other formula cycle years.

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