Sworn Declaration

I, Johnnie D. Bond Sr., having sworn upon the Holy Bible (King James Version) make the following claims listed as items B-thru-E below based on my spiritual understanding and biblical study over the past 23 years:

At the onset the scriptures found in Genesis Chapter 1: 1-31 & 2:1-3 upon converting days to years going forward are called Almanac and Formula Cycle Years® (FCY). These days converted to years are used to number the Days/Years of all human creatures formed from the dust of the earth of His Day 6 A Creation Story as written by Moses.

This Declaration is made to confirm the truth and integrity of the Word and Ways of my Creator whom I call Father God, the one who sacrificed his only Begotten Son.

I affirm and fix my digital signature to this Sworn Declaration.

My study and findings have proven certain facts time and time again using the individual (s) listed in the content of mynumbereddays.com website. The results of the ages of these instances from now President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and others listed in the website. The results would be the same if all the characters were different individuals. Humanity is a creature of God’s blessings He defined them with Numbers.

Johnnie D.Bond, Sr/


My fellow creatures there are two (2) attributes our CREATOR desires to be in the soul of each person, His creation. We expect the same of children we bring into the Earth. They are a love for him and obedience to him. In our first obedient act, he commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Mark 12:30-31 is quoted slightly differently.

Since the year 2000, everything you as a new member will experience going forward is from the discovery of Personal Almanac/Formula Cycle Years® (FCY). These names were defined to me as revelatory and come from truths out of The Holy Bible, the most popular Holy Book worldwide.

Do not form an opinion before witnessing what has already impacted your life without your knowledge. The reason is now you will be able to compare your past experiences to what you can trust to experience in the future.

For those that say a man is a creature with a freewill, that is true. Now read in scripture how Adam and his wife’s free will got them kicked out of a paradise never to return. From the results of a war in heaven (Rev. 12:9), those who believed they had free will rights were thrust out. Remember Hell is a bottomless pit for a reason. No one can ever rule from a throne in Hell because there is nowhere to sit in a bottomless pit.

Finally, it is said by the fool there is no God yet the devil believes there is and trembles.

The fools should seek insight from devils that tremble. We also agree God is Love but he hates Evil too. Idolatry and hypocrisy are evil. Where will you spend eternity in his love or his hatred of You?

The Tools 1-7 listed below are in your dashboard. Here are a few brief results and usages:

A) Personal Searches: This allows you to see the Personal Almanac/Formula Cycle Years® you are currently experiencing. Are you in: (1) New Beginnings (2) Separation (3) Increase Fruitful (4) Authority (5) Abundance (6) Struggle or (7) Completion/Perfection year… the day of His rest?

B) If either of your parents (Almanac/FCY Year) formed you at the conception ages of 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, or 49, you will be the most progressive child/ succeeding over other siblings. Because of your Birth Order, you are divinely anointed with a greater propensity to get ahead. Yes, as waiting parents to be you can now plan birthing years. There’s no need for jealousy among siblings, who did not after all this person’s successes are the entire family’s successes. If marrying from God’s human pair a person with similar parent’s Almanac/FCY-Years, these couples will never get a Divorce.

C) Your parent’s conception has determined your favored number(s). You could have 2 (two) or a single favorite number. If a child’s father is 39 years old, that person is a Formula Cycle Years® (FCY) 4 Authority based on their father’s conception age. If that same child’s mother is 33 years old at conception, her FCY is 5 Abundance combined the 2 FCY years. That person’s favored numbers are 45. As for a former President of the United States, his lucky numbers are 45. Discover Your favorite or lucky numbers.

D) Your parents (Almanac/FCY-Year) conception ages determine the years you will experience a great or unique event or accomplishment. This happens every 7 (seven) years as the seven-year cycle repeats.

E) Beware of the Formula Cycle Years® (FCY) years 6-13-20-27-34-41-48 or 54, it is considered the years of Discipline, a setback year all tend to make mistakes. Suicidal tendency is very high in these years. Abuse of drugs (termed making a mistake). Please caution or warn a loved one in these year(s) to prevent life threatening attempts.

Note: The exception is for those who are experiencing the parent’s (Almanac/FCY Year) Conception year. They will be years of unique accomplishments..

My case is an example. Both my parents were 20 and 34 respectively at my conception.. My great accomplishments appeared in these years not setbacks. To me they were great or unique accomplishments. Just as I have, you will make many more discoveries as your awareness is heightened by knowing how to number your days (Years). Harmony with our creator is the ultimate goal. All awaits you in this experience. If you do not already have a diary I would recommend it. I started my diary to reference the following years of my past. Get my book(s), “My Numbered Days” and others on Amazon Kindle. My Album on Apple Music & Spotify is titled, “Fruit Of His Kind” by J.D. Bond Sr. and The Krafters. Thanks.

Best Regards

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