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23:09 PM
Sat, May 18

We start by defining Abundance (5): A greater addition, all-encompassing, more and more. It is said that the excess sap or plant fluid that transports water and nutrients through the plant veins is what produces its fruits. God expects his creation and creatures to be abundantly productive.

The majority of our brain is almost always active. Just for illustration to show the power of continuous unrestrained activity, if any group man or woman can flourish as one, they can accomplish almost anything. And guess what? The original idea came from one that’s (1). One person. That could easily be YOU!

Look at what is recorded by biblical scribes in the early post-flood era. The human race had become one organized, coordinated group prompting attention from Heaven.

The recorded text goes like this: “the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the progressive, abundantly, forward-thinking, enterprising, innovating, and effective children of men who erected a tower. It goes on into the heavens.”

Similar to a mandate of January 8, 1982, the Bell System was broken up. The monopoly of the Bell System was split into entirely separate companies providing consumers with the same coverage.

Oh, Wait! Breaking News! As I am writing this content, Facebook must be broken up? Neither of these actions was anti-successes. Only when you seek to stifle, choke out the competition, you get flagged.

In the Lord’s case, I hear His logic, paraphrased, “Hey guys, you don’t understand you have no idea of how vast I have made this universe for you to occupy. You are headed in the wrong direction. I don’t need you to go vertically; I need you to go horizontally. So, for your own sake and for those who want to live in Texas one day, I must take action.”

We often quote, “In our Image after our likeness.” We believe this statement defines Abundance (5) as unlimited Possibilities.

Note: God will use his judgment to chastise to correct any creature he created or to take them down even if he/she is in Abundance status or any of the formula cycle years.

This is why our featured scripture as our website title stresses the need to recognize numbering your days to apply the heart unto Wisdom. This will enable you to reach in abundance every goal that you set for yourself and yours.

We give you a brief question and answer exam to determine who would be in an Abundance status from these Questions?

#1. Suppose a person is a community organizer at age 26 as of May 1988 and becomes the 44th President of the United States of America, breaking barriers from being the first of too many things to cover in these short settings. It’s noted and encouraged to study the number of times his FCY New Beginnings, Increase/Fruitful, Authority, and Completion/Perfection years all line up with what he was experiencing.

The 2008 presidential victory against Senator John McCain, an Honorable man in his FCY (2) Separation, was remarkable. The War Hero defended his rival when a supporter tried to paint his opponent as something other than an American. He went further to save the Affordable Care Act with a thumb’s down in his FCY Increase/Fruitful. Again, Senator McCain delivers for Americans and the legacy of his former President despite his few years of Struggle.

Mr. President Obama would go on to have one of the most scandal-free tenures in White House History. In his year of Struggle, he signed the Affordable Care Act even without a vote from the opposite party as they sought to dismantle it during the full tenure of his presidency.

He started being a great President of the United States at age 47. Is that person experiencing an Abundance (5) Status? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#2. If you are the first actress to earn $20 million in your FCY Abundance (5), What does this tell us? Experiencing a year of (5) Abundance pays very well. She debuted her acting career in 1987 and made her breakthrough in 1988. She won a Golden Globe Award in 1989 and another one Golden Globe in 1990. In 1993, she starred in the fantastic movie, Pelican Brief, at 26, an FCY Abundance (my favorite).

At age 36, an FCY (1) New Beginning, she tops the Abundance of a $20 million earnings with the New Beginnings salary of $25 million. The New Beginnings raised the ante for a glamorous, beautiful SuperStar of a person we all adore. Finally, but in no way until the end, Julia Roberts, as of 2014, served as an executive producer of four films in the American Girl Series. Her experiences further prove the validity of Abundance (5).

Has this person experienced Abundance? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#3. We want to share how devastating it can be to have, as one would say, your fortunes turn in just “ONE MINUTE.” We have been careful to make sure the profiles and research accuracy of many of these very public movie, political, and sports icons’ Date of Birth are precise and exact.

For example, if we state a person is in their formula cycle year in 2020 and their birthday has not occurred in 2020, the year for FCY purposes is 2019, not 2020.

These two examinations show how the fortunes of two persons turned in a matter of a few days. In fact literally 1 Minute. It was like the last grain of sand drained from the hourglass, and the glass went from having one grain of sand to empty. The first example we share is in the Super Bowl 2020 results. The two competitors were not QuarterBacks but Defensive Coordinators. Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo FCY(4) was the competitor with the Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh. This is worth examining.

The Super Bowl kick-off is February 02, 2020. Robert goes from an FCY Abundance (5) on January 30, 2020, at 11:59 pm to his FCY Struggle on January 31, 2020, 12:00 am. Two days later, his San Francisco defense gave up three touchdowns to the crowning Super Bowl Champion, Kansas City Chief. Steve, with his defensive strategy and FCY (4) Authority position, stops a dominant touchdown, scoring San Francisco Team. FCY (4) Steve defeats his FCY (6) Robert Struggle opponent, changing the fortunes of Robert’s in 1 Minute–2-day changes in FCY status.

The second example we share is in the 2016 presidential race; this one will be almost unbelievable, but all we can do is give you dates and circumstances that follow. Look closely. On October 25, 11:59 pm, the Democrat presumptive nominee, Hillary R. Clinton was an FCY (5) Abundance. The next 1 minute, midnight October 26, 2016, the Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned 69, an FCY (6) Struggle. Just two days later, on October 28, Attorney General James Comey decided to reopen the Email Investigation. Only 11 days to the 2016 November 8 election, although defeated the then Secretary of State still conceded to President-Elect Donald Trump, who was in his FCY (7) Completion/Perfection (7) out ranks FCY (6) to become Winner.

We share the hourglass running out experience on two separate individuals in two separate professions, but both have a birthday change from an Abundance FCY to FCY (6) within (1) minute. Was that enough to have them suffer defeat? There are too many fans in both of these examples that we will not even ask for an opinion. But you can scratch your head.

To be in your Abundance year Is to seek to help others, not harm them. Seek to be the best advisor with your experience. Never give legal or medical advice unless you are licensed by proper authority to provide such counseling.

As a member, you can now use our formula cycle conception tool to determine the parents’ conception age. These parents’ ages as formula cycle years are known to be the most successful years for the child.

We will attempt to give the family two (2) celebration dates for the child a Conception Birthday and a New born Birthday.

Our hope is if young girls find themselves in a conception state in life, they can look forward to the Conception Birthday Celebration and the Celebration for the Newborn.

If you live 15 formula cycle Abundance years, you would be 103 years old. My God Bless You ????!

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