Formula Cycle Struggle

Your Formula Cycle Years   Special Bulletin

19:52 PM
Fri, Apr 12

We start by defining (6) Struggle; Meeting challenges that Wisdom must help to overcome. Need for sound advice; an internal battle fueled by misinformation. Feeling pressure if the knees buckle stay on them. A year of vulnerability, but Wisdom and the will to persist to tunnel through produces victory in the end. Surround yourself with Others who are experiencing (7) (5) or New Beginnings FCYs.

This is a true story from the start when we picked Senator Kamala Harris to be the vice president of President-elect Joe Biden even though she was 55 in her FCY (6) of Struggle.

As of then, she was receiving push back and attacks from the left and right about her powerful past position as 32nd Attorney General of the state of California. News outlets were reporting the records of controversy surrounding her tenure. It would pay you to watch how she used Wisdom to deflect the incoming attacks and kept her integrity. She should serve as the poster child example of how to have success in the (6) FCY of Struggle.

She dropped out of the presidential race after trailing poorly among other candidates. Here is what we looked at. At 12:00 am October 20, 2020, she turned 56, an FCY (7), 13 days before the November 3 general election. She would join Joseph R. Biden, who was also in his FCY (7). There was no way a Donald Trump FCY(4) and Mike Pence FCY(5) could defeat two FCY (7) at the top of the ticket in any party. To top it off, Kamala’s husband became an FCY (7) before Election Day.

Note: God will use his judgment to chastise to correct any creature he created or take them down even if he/she is in a Struggle status or any of the formula cycle years.

We also note that in no way do we condone behavior that is Evil and morally wrong. Our highlights are pointing to the Struggle that will occur in every creature’s life.

This is why our featured scripture and website platform stresses the need to recognize numbering your days to apply the heart unto Wisdom.

Showing these examples stresses urgency?

We give you a brief question and answer exam to determine who would be in a Struggle status? But before you start, we are incredibly excited about an upcoming feature known as Our Diary FCY tool, which is under construction now.

This video will tell you why we will address the subject of Suicide among 13 – 18-year-olds. We will use this platform as a serious reach out to this age bracket. Please watch

Now to your questions

#1. Suppose a person is attempting to take matters into his/her own hands without sound counseling on any matter facing them. If this person’s opinion is shaped by political views, unsound religious teaching, and plain deception, they chose out of frustration to cause harm to themselves and his/her fellow man/woman.

Is that person in some type of Struggle? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#2. Suppose a person in 1961 came off the bench to lead his team from a come-from-behind win in an impressive fashion. But he was traded off in 1967 at age 27, an FCY of Struggle. In 1969, in a New Beginnings year for him with the new team, he repeated his first-year performance, playing the professional game against the team that traded him. In 1974 he was back with the Viking and its Super Bowl time at the Rice Stadium in Houston Texas at age 34, an FCY Struggle leading his team. But he was defeated.

Fran Tarkenton is in the Hall of Fame despite his years of Struggle. The HOF website notes, “from the first 1961 season for the next 18 seasons; the 6-0,190-pound field leader never let up in his relentless quest of yardage and touchdowns”

Has this person experienced some years of Struggle?
Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#3. We will slightly deviate from the question and answer format to briefly discuss a great American actor and comedian’s life. Known for his improvisational skills and a wide variety of voices, he is often regarded as one of the best comedians of all times. He was born on July 21, 1951. Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times wrote, “in the months that preceded his death, Williams faced daunting challenges, both professionally and personally.” His film career had stalled, and his comeback sitcom, The Crazy Ones, failed to find an audience on CBS.

Imagine from July 21, 2013, Robin Williams enters his (6) Year of Struggle. Who knew this? How many friends and loved ones would have gladly said to him, hey, Robin, you know this is your year of Struggle; let’s celebrate every day till July 21, 2014.

Instead, exactly 20 days after his 63rd birthday on July 21, 2014 (7) completion/perfection fcy, the memory and the torture of that one Struggle year led to a tragic decision that made Rob (no pun intended), commit suicide to leave everyone, all of us no more laughs into the next century. Did that person agonizingly go through some Struggle?
Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#4. Suppose a person is a hero to many but a murderer to more. His trial started the Payback Jury Justice (PJJ), which I hope this era will soon pass. A system that says you are entitled to a jury of your peers and those peers look past the truth of evidence,which lights the match that flames up in Sanford, Florida.

Ironically, the 17-year-old was born in 1995. I have been on first hearing in front of a judge trying to spare a lengthy trial and wanting to confess to my crimes to having my attorney sit me down and utter the words “Not Guilty.”
I believe on first court appearance that is what the “Juice” wanted to do. Confess? Well, this FCY (6) person was Born July 9, 1947. He brought the world to 1995, termed, “Trial of the Century.” Before this year, he made famous running through an airport to rent a car.

Jealousy is as cruel as the grave, and it alone has put millions there. Our entire goal here is if, for no other reason, we must recognize what the quote from the Color Purple said “God is trying to tell you something”
Struggle is the most vulnerable year for young, middle-aged, and the old.

When you see undeniable acts that are tragic and unforgiving, we must all surround the people we love so dearly to help them overcome their FCY (6) Struggle.

Was this person(s) in their Struggle status? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

To be in your (6) Struggle year Is to seek to help others, not harm them. Seek to be the best-behaved person who understands you are vulnerable in this 12-month experience. Never give legal or medical advice unless you are licensed by proper authority to provide such counseling.

As a member, you can now use our formula cycle Conception tool to determine the parents’ conception age.
These parents’ ages as formula cycle years are known to be the most successful years for the child.

We will attempt to give the family two (2) celebration dates for the child a Conception Birthday and a NewBorn Birthday.

Our hope is if young girls find themselves in a conception state in life, they can look forward to the Conception Celebration and the Celebration for the Newborn. If you live 15 formula cycle Struggle years, you would be 104 years old. My God Bless You ????!

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