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Fri, Apr 12

We start by defining (2) Separation. The person(s) are set apart, independent, making, and achieving progress alone in one’s world or zone. A severance, partition, parting of ways, disconnection.

Think of a child no longer dependent on being fed, nursed, or somewhat dependent. The action or state of moving or being moved apart. Yet,an eager student.

Note: God will use his judgment to chastise to correct any creature he created and take them down even if he/she is in Separation status or any of the formula cycle years.

We give you a brief question and answer exam to determine who would be in Separation from these Questions.

#1. Suppose the US government determines a person to violate its federal tax laws via international investments prompting his founding partner, Brian, to separate after 20 years of successful relations due to his tax issues.
In the prior year of 2019, Robert, who was in his (1) New Beginnings FCY, pledged and followed through with paying the student debt of the 2019 class at Morehouse College. Another separation FCY came for Robert in 2013 as the wife of 25 years filed for divorce. As of then, Robert was 51 years and 58 in his (2) Separation FCY. He continued to triumph in other FCY, remarrying, and continued with the corporation he founded.

Is that person in some type of Separation ? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#2. Suppose a person led the Argentine Church during the December 2001 riots in Argentina at age 65, an FCY (2) Separation phase of his life. And he became Pope Francis in 2013, celebrating an FCY (7) Completion/Perfection. He is noted for his humility, emphasis on God’s mercy, concern for the poor.

He is credited with having a less formal approach to the papacy than his predecessors. For instance, he chooses to reside in the Domus Sanctae Marthae guesthouse rather than in the Apostolic Palace’s papal apartments used by previous popes. It singles out set apart.

Is that person in some type of Separation ? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#3. Think about a mother of mega-talented beautiful women, who started early by marrying at age 23, an FCY (2) Separation year. She said, “When you’re very young, you do a lot of stupid things.” She continued, “it’s probably the biggest regret of my life. I was probably just naive, restless, and didn’t realize that marriage has its ups and downs.”

In June 2013, another separation occurred with the husband Bruce Jenner, followed by the debut of her own daytime TV talk show. The program failed to attract enough of an audience to be renewed. But in 2018, her FCY of (7) Forbes estimated her net worth at $37.5 million, making her the mother that is truly set apart.

Has that person experienced some Separation? Answer: ( ) yes or ( ) no

#4. Suppose a person is known as Elegant and one of Hollywood’s top Australian imports. It must be noted that the Separation FCY is not just about alone or Separation, Divorce, but Accomplishments as we will discuss the life of this Elegant person. Breaking into movies at 16 in a 1983 holiday favorite, Bush Christmas, she touched off a flurry of film and television offers. In 1987, she won her first Australian Film Institute Award.

In December 1990, she had a “hook line and sinker catch” marriage to Tom Cruise. All set apart in FCY (2),1997, she tore across the screen as a nuclear weapons expert in The Peacemaker, adding “action star” to her professional repertoire.

In 2004 she won one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. Academy Award, two primetime Emmy Awards, and five Golden Globe Awards. She was also listed among the world’s highest-paid actresses in 2018 at 51, an FCY (2) Separation.

Has that person experienced some type of Separation status ? Answer:
( ) yes or ( ) no

To be in your Separation year Is to seek to help others, not harm them. Seek to be the best advisor with your experience. Never give legal or medical advice unless you are licensed by proper authority to provide such counseling.

As a member, you can now use our formula cycle conception tool to determine the parents’ conception age. These parents’ ages as formula cycle years are known to be the most successful years for the child.

We will attempt to give the family two (2) celebration dates for a child a Conception Birthday and a New born Birthday.

Our hope is if young girls find themselves in a Conception state in life, they can look forward to the Conception Celebration and the Celebration for the Newborn.

If you live 15 formula cycle Separation years, you would be 100 years old. My God Bless You ????!

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